From Paris to the entire globe, from as few as four executive committee members in 1951 to more than 200,000 member students worldwide today and from 6 European founding countries to over 50 countries based in all world regions – this is the story of International Association of Dental Students (IADS). An organization that reflects the values of interculturalism, sustainable development, oral health advocacy and education equity.
Here is its interesting story; how it started, evolved and remained? what kind of challenges it had in past and how it managed to go thorough? valiuym what kind of success stories it had and how they were achieved?

“Archiving has never been a top priority for many student-run NGOs in the last century including IADS, that’s why it was (and still) so challenging for our current generation to synthesize a comprehensive log of all activities, statements, publications and events of this 67-years old organization. However we do our best to preserve IADS history, your contribution to this work will be always appreciated!” said Abanob Yosry (IADS Editor 2017/18)

Previous Executive Committees  Honorary Life Members


2018/19Ave Põld 🇪🇪Abanob Yosry 🇪🇬Björn Bierlich 🇩🇪Greta Keršytė 🇱🇹Mustafa HacılarWun Ting Lin 🇹🇼
2017/18Andrey Baltaev 🇷🇺Natalia Savkova 🇸🇰Marc-Antoine Balas 🇫🇷Abanob Yosry 🇪🇬Tan Sze Hao 🇲🇾Shayan Darvish 🇮🇷
2016/17Sina Saygili 🇹🇷Andrey Baltaev 🇷🇺Ivo Domagala 🇵🇱Abanob Yosry 🇪🇬Lucas Caponi 🇮🇹Natalia Savkova 🇸🇰
2015/16Malek Ghorbel 🇹🇳Sina Saygili 🇹🇷Ivo Domagala 🇵🇱Thanakorn Thimkam 🇹🇭Omar Albairat 🇲🇦Andrey Baltaev 🇷🇺
2014/15Petra Horakova 🇨🇿Murad Alrashedi 🇸🇦Sina Saygili 🇹🇷Malek Ghorbel 🇹🇳Esti Ryianda 🇮🇩Mahmoud Majzoob 🇸🇩
2013/14Pavel Scarlat 🇷🇴Petra Horakova 🇨🇿Sina Saygili 🇹🇷Malek Ghorbel 🇹🇳Esti Ryianda 🇮🇩Gorkem Sengun 🇹🇷
2012/13Pavel Scarlat 🇷🇴Nada Uncianschi 🇷🇴Artjom Meier 🇩🇪Petra Horakova 🇨🇿Belal Heddaya 🇪🇬Kateřina Miklišová 🇨🇿
Tatiana Vorovchenko 🇷🇺
2011/12Stefánia Zsuzsanna Radó 🇭🇺Pavel Scarlat 🇷🇴Babak Sayahpour 🇩🇪Karolína Floryková 🇨🇿Cristiana Focseneanu 🇷🇴Magdalena Wilczak 🇵🇱
2010/11Ionut Luchian 🇷🇴Stefánia Zsuzsanna Radó 🇭🇺Babak Sayahpour 🇩🇪Karolína Floryková 🇨🇿Lena Malaty 🇪🇬Scarlat Pavel 🇷🇴
2009/10Tomaz Spindler 🇸🇮Zeyad Salem 🇪🇬Amir Elkholy 🇪🇬Goce Naunov 🇲🇰Aneta Filipiuk 🇵🇱Ionut Luchian 🇷🇴
Scarlat Pavel 🇷🇴
2008/9Tomaz Spindler 🇸🇮Magdalena Maciejowska 🇵🇱Amir Elkholy 🇪🇬Zeyad Salem 🇪🇬Aneta Filipiuk 🇵🇱Andreea Ionica 🇷🇴
2007/8Juliane Gnoth 🇩🇪Magdalena Maciejowska 🇵🇱Tomaz Spindler 🇸🇮Michael Ermer 🇩🇪Natasa Predin 🇷🇸N/A
2006/7Andrea Veitova 🇨🇿Juliane Gnoth 🇩🇪Valeri Nadirashvili 🇬🇪Michael Ermer 🇩🇪Magdalena Maciejowska 🇵🇱N/A
2005/6Andrea Veitova 🇨🇿Taylan Açne 🇹🇷Nina Kotnik 🇸🇮Alexander Sokolovski 🇩🇪Ahmed Hagelsafi 🇸🇩N/A
2004/5Mark Antal 🇭🇺Andrea Veitova 🇨🇿Ahmed Hawas 🇪🇬Jörn Wittig 🇩🇪Ana Zulijani 🇭🇷N/A
2003/4Taskin Tuna 🇩🇪Ahmed Hawas 🇪🇬Jörn Wittig 🇩🇪Mark Antal 🇭🇺Ivana Boras 🇸🇮N/A
2002/3Iwona Olszewska 🇵🇱Ahmed Hawas 🇪🇬Hitesh Panchal 🇬🇧Karem Salah 🇪🇬Taskin Tuna 🇩🇪N/A
2001/2Onur Kadioglu 🇹🇷Steffen Lauritzen 🇩🇰Hitesh Panchal 🇬🇧Aleksandar Necakovski 🇲🇰Iwona Olszewska 🇵🇱N/A
2000/1Sarkis Sozkes 🇹🇷Onur Kadioglu 🇹🇷Christian Gauchi 🇲🇹Nina Trolle 🇸🇪Sofia Dias 🇳🇴N/A
1999/2000Sarkis Sozkes 🇹🇷Onur Kadioglu 🇹🇷Christian Gauchi 🇲🇹Nina Trolle 🇸🇪Sofia Dias 🇳🇴N/A
1998/99Christopher Orr 🇬🇧Sarkis Sozkes 🇹🇷Melissa Robson 🇬🇧Onur Kadioglu 🇹🇷Eszter Somogyi 🇭🇺N/A
1997/98Valentina Sterjova 🇲🇰Rosana Hanke 🇵🇷Maja Cede 🇸🇮VACANT ⚠️Anamaria Stanescu 🇸🇪N/A
1996/97Christopher Orr 🇬🇧Alpa Choudrie 🇳🇴Maja Cede 🇸🇮Valentina Sterjova 🇲🇰Fredrik Ahlgren 🇸🇪N/A
1995/96Christopher Orr 🇬🇧Lizbeth Colon 🇵🇷Isabelle Portenier 🇨🇭Maria Lessani 🇬🇧Andres Izquierdo 🇨🇭N/A
1994/95Christopher Orr 🇬🇧Dan Roworth 🇩🇰Isabelle Portenier 🇨🇭Zsuzsanna Laki 🇭🇺Christopher Orr 🇬🇧N/A
1993/94Eric Normand 🇫🇷Eva Nilsson 🇸🇪Sally Eapen 🇬🇧Maribel Santos 🇵🇷Zsuzsanna Laki 🇭🇺N/A
1992/93Andy Boiangiu 🇮🇱N/A
1988/89Steven Smith 🇬🇧N/A
1987/88Shahul Hamed 🇸🇬Asegir Sigurdsson 🇮🇸Ami Smidt 🇮🇱N/A
1986/87Carlos Castro 🇵🇷Elisabetta Cotti 🇮🇹N/A
1985/86Robert Sicurelli Jr 🇺🇸Elisabetta Cotti 🇮🇹N/A
1980/81Nitzan Bitchacho 🇮🇱N/A
1979/80Wojieck Kowalski 🇵🇱N/A
1977/78Asterious Doukadakis 🇬🇷N/A
1976/77Christopher Sanderson 🇬🇧Carsten Langemark 🇩🇰Urs Widmer 🇨🇭Asterious Doukadakis 🇬🇷Chassiel Seltzer 🇮🇱N/A
1975/76Pantelis Bochlogyros 🇬🇷Asterious Doukadakis 🇬🇷Asterious Doukadakis 🇬🇷N/A
1974/75Shimon Friedman 🇮🇱🇺🇸Patrick Bower 🇬🇧Raymond Bloch 🇨🇭Pantelis Bochlogyros 🇬🇷Sheila Diamond 🇬🇧N/A
1973/74Patrick Bower 🇬🇧Peter Stephenson Moore 🇬🇧Shimon Friedman 🇮🇱🇺🇸N/A
1972/73Ulla Jacobsson 🇸🇪Itai Bab 🇮🇱Thomas Humme 🇩🇪Richard Silvera 🇺🇸Annu Heikkila 🇫🇮N/A
1971/72Stein Oppedal 🇳🇴Peter Stevenson-Moore 🇬🇧Jack Dekker 🇳🇱Jukka Meurman 🇫🇮Mark-John Vella Bardon 🇲🇹N/A
1970/71Torben Winkler 🇩🇰Brigita Olausson 🇸🇪Stein Oppedal 🇳🇴Jukka Meurman 🇫🇮Anya Vinanen 🇫🇮N/A
1969/70Aase Moller 🇩🇰Dan Nathanson 🇮🇱Torben Winkler 🇩🇰Brian McMullen 🇬🇧Suatopluk Loyka 🇨🇿N/A
1968/69Joop Advokaat 🇳🇱Aase Moller Hansen 🇩🇰Gerrit 🇳🇱Brian McMullen 🇬🇧Michael McGill 🇬🇧N/A
1967/68Sylvia Theaker 🇬🇧Brian McMullen 🇬🇧Michael McGill 🇬🇧N/A
1966/67Inger Gutestam 🇸🇪Sylvia Theaker 🇬🇧Peter Swiss 🇬🇧N/A
1951/52Leslie Sorling 🇸🇪Mogens Skougaard 🇩🇰Carlo Nevejan 🇳🇱N/AN/AN/A


NameCountryYear of Nomination
Dr Peter SwissUK 🇬🇧unkown
Prof Arje SheininFinland 🇫🇮unkown
Prof P O PedersenDenmark 🇩🇰unkown
Dr Jan-Eric AhlbergSweden 🇸🇪unkown
Dr Carlos Bravo-CastroPuerto Rico 🇵🇷unkown
Dr Peter DyerUK 🇬🇧unkown
Mr. H. W. HasseGermany 🇩🇪unkown
Prof. Asterios DoukodakisUSA 🇺🇸unkown
Mr John SeearUK 🇬🇧unkown
Dr Marty LipseyUSA 🇺🇸unkown
Prof AD HitchinUK 🇬🇧unkown
Mr Lynn WaltersUK 🇬🇧1984
Dr Aldo MirandaPuerto Rico 🇵🇷1995
Stephen SmithUK 🇬🇧1997
Dr Eric NormandFrance 🇫🇷1999
Dr Roberto CabassaPuerto Rico 🇵🇷2000
Dr Chris OrrUK 🇬🇧2001
Sarkis SozkesTurkey 🇹🇷2002
Dr Mark AntalHungary 🇭🇺2007
Ahmed HawasEgypt 🇪🇬2008
Pavel ScarlatRomania 🇷🇴2017
Omar AlbairatMorocco 🇲🇦2017
Tomaz SpindlerSlovenia 🇸🇮2019