From Paris to the entire globe, from as few as four executive committee members in 1951 to more than 200,000 member students worldwide today and from 6 European founding countries to over 50 countries based in all world regions – this is the story of International Association of Dental Students (IADS). An organization that reflects the values of interculturalism, sustainable development, oral health advocacy and education equity.
Here is its interesting story; how it started, evolved and remained? what kind of challenges it had in past and how it managed to go thorough? what kind of success stories it had and how they were achieved?

“Archiving has never been a top priority for many student-run NGOs in the last century including IADS, that’s why it was (and still) so challenging for our current generation to synthesize a comprehensive log of all activities, statements, publications and events of this 67-years old organization. However we do our best to preserve IADS history, your contribution to this work will be always appreciated!” said Abanob Yosry (IADS Editor 2017/18)