Dear fellow delegates and members of IADS,

We would like to inform you of the Executive Committee decision, undertaken according to IADS Bylaws Chapter 3 – Section 5, to appoint Mr. Björn BIERLICH as the IADS Treasurer for the current term 2018/2019.

Job Description of the IADS Treasurer;

1. To serve as custodian of all monies and securities of the Association and to receive, hold, invest or disburse these at the direction of the Executive Committee, except as otherwise stated in the Constitution;

2. To sign all receipts, cheques, banking instructions and other financial documents, provided that payments and withdrawals from the bank and other accounts shall not exceed the amount fixed annually by the General Assembly

3. To preserve and maintain the financial records of the Association;

4. To present to the General Assembly at the end of his year of office the audited balance sheet and accounts for the period from August 1st to July 31st;

5. To prepare the budget for the following year;

6. To pay the office-bearer only such expense as they can account for by receipts.

7. To manage finance with CoCo on congress fees (7% cap fees)

8. Send out invoices, keep track of membership fees

About Mr. Björn BIERLICH :

Studies dentistry at University of Dresden, Germany
Official IADS Email: treasurer@iads-web.org


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Dear fellow delegates and members of IADS,