The Standing Committee on Research and Education (SCORE) stresses the need for the students’ involvement within the dental scientific community by offering opportunities for the ones who desire to make a difference within the society.
According to IADS Constitution, Training Committee is a standing committee which is chaired by an elected chairperson (officer) during the annual session of General Assembly. Workforce of the committee is periodically recruited and appointed with help of Executive Committee.

SCORE At-A-Glance!

The Standing Committee on Research and Education (SCORE) stresses the need for the students’ involvement within the dental scientific community by offering opportunities for the passionate ones to make a difference within the society. Our predecessors managed to build successful projects in cooperation with World Health Organization, FDI World Dental Federation and Young Dentists Worldwide, now it is in our hands the duty to spur the continuity.
We encourage dental students and foster advancement of their professional and scientific standards through projects like:
There is nothing that can deter us from being active, promoting and creating opportunities for the worldwide dental student community.

International Dental Research Program (IDRP)

IDRP is an academic exchange platform run by IADS member organizations and partners to offer short-term research internships to international students at research centers and universities. Its scope strongly works for the broad mission of IADS of narrowing the gaps between dental students worldwide, as it enables the students to explore different research settings and acquire this unique experience of enrollment among research team for awhile.
Till March 2017, announcement of IDRP internships used to take place through the published IDRP Booklets while applications were moderated solely by the hosting NSOs and academic institution. Now we moved to all-digital format, by publishing the available internships regularly at our website and making the application process to go it too.

International Journal of Dental Students (IJDS)

IJDS is primarily focused on shedding lights upon the highest quality current clinical treatments, techniques, clinical cases, and research in dentistry. Its first issue was released in summer 2020 by its Editor-In-Chief Dr. Huthaifa Abdul Qader.

IJDS modernizes up-to-date techniques and controversial topics in clinical applications and research accompanied by high-quality comprehensive clinical imagery to enhance students’ apperception in prepossessing patterns not restricted to the old-fashioned monotonous outlook of the original papers.

The ingenuity of this journal is showcased by its depiction of how the art and science can work together to produce innovative articulacy.


IJDS is dedicated to pushing on the boundaries of educational opportunities and encouraging students to read outside of their syllabuses thus serving as a student-friendly and inviting forum for creative exchange and undogmatic knowledge and useful information.

IJDS is destined to become the first scopus indexed journal that focuses on Master’s and PhD students’ theses and dissertations thus facilitating publishing any work that receives a high or top priority buy klonopin recommendation. This policy reflects our interest in quickly publishing all manuscripts judged to be the most impactful during the peer review process. In consequence, we will be offering the possibility of publishing our students’ manuscripts prior to defence or graduation.

Lecture Contest (LC)

Lecture Contest is a peer-reviewed competition that takes place during the IADS meetings either annually or semiannually. Its scope is to synthesize a real competitive environment for students and young dentists who are enthusiastic about research to present their work at a global scale and challenge their presentation skills in front of an experienced jury.

Dental Olympics (DO)

Dental Olympics is a peer-reviewed competition that takes place during the IADS meetings annually. Its scope is to synthesize a competitive environment for students to challenge their clinical skills with global colleagues from different educational and training backgrounds in order to enhance their self-esteem and their future incorporation within clinical market.

IADS Webinar

IADS Webinar is an online educational initiative operated by SCORE since October 2016, it aims to offer an open source of expertise knowledge to undergraduate students in large scale of clinical dentistry topics. Webinars are live-streamed monthly through official IADS Facebook Page and IADS Education YouTube Channel, which is frequently reported as a cool opportunity for students to be able to conduct questions for the speakers and get answered on the GO during webinar session.
Previous Committee Leaders:
– Wun Ting Lin, Taiwan 2018/19

– Shayan Darvish, Iran 2017/18
– Natalia Savkova, Slovakia 2016/17
– Andrey Baltaev, Russia 2015/16
– Mahmoud Majzoub, Sudan 2014/15
– Gorkem Sengun, Turkey 2013/14
– Kate?ina Miklišová, Czech Republic & Tatiana Vorovchenko, Russia 2012/13
– Magdalena Wilczak, Poland 2011/12
– Pavel Scarlat, Romania 2010/11
– Ionut Luchian, Romania & Pavel Scarlat 2009/10
– Andreea Ionica, Romania 2008/09





IDRP Coordinator 2019/2020

Country: Slovenia
University: University of Ljubljana



IDRP Coordinator 2019/2020

Country: Portugal
University: Egas Moniz Higher Education School



DSRJ Editor-in-Chief 2019/2020

Country: United Arab Emirates
University: University of Sharjah



SCORE Chairperson 2019/2020

Country: Turkey
University: Hacettepe University