IDRP is an academic exchange platform run by IADS member organizations and partners to offer short-term research internships to international students at research centers and universities. Its scope strongly works for the broad mission of IADS of narrowing the gaps between dental students worldwide, as it enables the students to explore different research settings and acquire this unique experience of enrollment among research team for a while.
The Standing Committee on Research and Education (SCORE) is proud to assure the successful continuity of the International Dental Research Program (IDRP) – the first worldwide dental research exchange network which aims to transfer and foster research knowledge to the ones who desire to make a difference within their dental communities.
The students will attend dental research internships which consist of assisting a dental research project developed within a foreign University partner of the IDRP network. The internships take place for about 2 to 8 weeks,
the students are selected through a rigorous selection process and eventually having the facilities covered by the host university.
In 2019, 6 universities worldwide offer research internships to talented dental students and young graduates in the Czech Republic, Turkey, Lebanon, Northern Cyprus, Taiwan, and Russia.
The program is a milestone in the dental student research activity, which purposes to enlighten talented dental students who one day will be the ones to push dentistry towards innovative and more successful treatments.