The Standing Committee on Research and Education (SCORE) stresses the need for the students’ involvement within the dental scientific community by offering opportunities for the ones who desire to make a difference within the society.
According to IADS Constitution, SCORE is a standing committee which is chaired by an elected chairperson (officer) during the annual session of General Assembly. Workforce of the committee is periodically recruited and appointed with help of Executive Committee.

Advanced clinical course at W Clinics 2020

Turkey At-A-Glance

Region: Europe
Capital: Ankara
Largest City: Istanbul
Language: Turkish
Government: Unitary presidental constitutional republic
Population: 82,003,882
Ethnic Groups: Turks (mostly) 
Area: 302,455 Sq Miles (783,356 km2)
Currency: Turkish Lira (TRY)
Timezone: UTC+3 (FET)
Calling Code: +90
Internet TLD: .tr
Typical Dishes: Pilaf, Döner kebab, Simit, Pide…
Hard Drinks: Rak?


Doctor Sinan – who earned his DDS degree from Ataturk University – has accomplished multiple studies in the topic of “Aesthetic Approches in Denstistry”. His interests involve microscope usage, digital based approach in clinical practice and up to date published articles and conferences. He has conducted many courses on the topics of microscope based smile design, composite restoration of the anterior area and digital dentistry across Turkey.
Doctor Sinan is a member of one of the biggest buy viagra dental organizations (EDAD) and was one of the founders of its youth branch.

He is inviting a total of 10 dental students (5 twice a year) at his new modern W Clinics in Bursa, Turkey to a 4-day internship integrated with 3 advanced Hands-on courses in addition to microscope training. Those courses are:

1- Veneer Preparation

2- Direct Composite Restoration

3- Rubber Dam Placement

This program includes lodging for 3 nights and 3 meals per day provided for free courtesy of Doctor Sinan. The 4th day of the program will be full with social activities.

By registering and attending his lecture “Novelties in Aesthetic Dentistry” at the 66th IADS Mid-Year Meeting in Sarajevo, BiH students will enter the selection process and compete to earn their spots. Diversity of the nationalities and personal credentials will be taken into consideration.

Accepted students will have to pay a participation fee (100€) to reserve their seat which is part of IADS seat reservation policy.

For further info and inquiries contact:

Huthaifa Abdul Qader
International Scientific Officer 2019/2020

IADS Internship at W Clinics


Will be arranged with the accepted students.



– 100€ (to reserve the seat)
Covers program expenses, accommodation, local transportation, food and social trips.


Internship Program
– Will be published here soon.


– Will be announced soon.


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    Huthaifa ADBULQADER

    SCORE Chairperson 2019/2020

    Country: Turkey
    University: Hacettepe University