Dental Olympics is a peer-reviewed competition that takes place during the IADS meetings annually. Its scope is to synthesize a competitive environment for students to challenge their clinical skills with global colleagues from different educational and training backgrounds in order to enhance their self-esteem and their future incorporation within clinical market.
Admission requirements, jury appointment and awards regulations are set by the SCORE in conjunction with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC). Participation right is exclusively granted to the meeting attendees.

1st IADS Dental Olympics winner team (Northern Cyprus)

In August 2013, the first Dental Olympics had been introduced to the IADS during the 60th Annual Congress in Istanbul – Turkey. It was a new component of the congress scientific program which had -previously- been practiced for long time by Turkish Association of Dental Students (Turk DentSIC) at national scale in order to support clinical excellence among dental students as opposed to research skills. Northern Cyprus team was the winner of this edition.
“Not every dental student wants to be a researcher; most of them just want to be great clinicians,” said Pavel Scarlat – IADS President 2012/13. “In this competition, the participants can show their skills in disciplines they know from their dental clinics. However, klonopin here, they have to fulfil each task as perfectly as possible in a limited amount of time,” said Görkem ?engün – 60th IADS AC Istanbul Chairwoman. (Resource: Dental Tribune ONLINE)

Mini Olympics Poster 2018

In September 2015, the third edition of Dental Olympics was conducted with the help of 62nd IADS Annual Congress LOC in Thai capital of Bangkok. It’s renowned of its large scale components, some of them were introduced for the first time like Dental Speed Racing.
“It’s a jigsaw puzzle game made of panoramic x-ray interlocking pieces. Time, team bondage and individual’s imagination capacity are all the determinants for achievement in such game” said Mahmoud Majzoub – IADS Scientific Officer 2014/15  
In March 2018, the first Mini Olympics took place on the Mediterranean city of Kyrenia which hosted the 64th IADS Mid Year Meeting. It has similar scope as original competition with customized resources to suit the different logistics of Mid Year Meetings than Annual Congresses. One of contesting local teams (Northern Cyprus) won this edition as well!. Great hopes have been put to reproduce this “Mini Olympics” in future Mid Year Meetings to serve as integral part of the MYMs scientific program.

ContestMeetingWinning TeamTeam Member 1Team Member 2Team Member 3
7th Dental OlympicsAC Tunisia 2019 🇹🇳
2nd Mini OlympicsMYM Strasbourg 2019 🇫🇷Germany 🇩🇪Nils Werner 🇩🇪Etienne Krohmann 🇩🇪Héloïse Hégo 🇫🇷
6th Dental OlympicsAC Taiwan 2018 🇹🇼Malaysia 🇲🇾Lim Yi YinAlicia Pui Lai WongGoh Wei Horng
1st Mini OlympicsMYM Kyrenia 2018 🇨🇾Northern Cyprus 🇨🇾Ali Temelci
5th Dental OlympicsAC Madrid 2017 🇪🇸Malaysia 🇲🇾Genia LeongJesse LeeDaryl Shim
4th Dental OlympicsAC Poznan 2016 🇵🇱Turkey 🇹🇷Sahra AkkayaPınar ÇevikGüray Öztürk
3rd Dental OlympicsAC Bangkok 2015 🇹🇭Turkey 🇹🇷Ayse Nur KocHülya ÇerçiOrhan Kazan
2nd Dental OlympicsAC Yogyakarta 2014 🇮🇩Iran 🇮🇷Shayan Darvish
1st Dental OlympicsAC Istanbul 2013 🇹🇷Northern Cyprus 🇨🇾Ferdiye KüçükOnur AslantaşYunus Ehi


7th IADS Dental Olympics – Tunisia 2019