Throughout November, Mouth Cancer Action Month (MCAM) aims to raise awareness of the disease in an attempt to get more mouth cancers diagnosed at an early stage. In collaboration with Oral Health Foundation, IADS contributes to the global workforce of MCAM by organizing a social media contest for its national/local member organizations who hold awareness activities to celebrate MCAM at local scales.

PTSS, Poland – Winner of MCAM 2016

In September 2016, the newly elected Chairwoman of Prophylaxis Committee -Ave Pold- had proposed a new global health cause to be added to the dental students calendar worldwide and to be recurrently celebrated each November to boost the public awareness of oral cancers.
November 2016 was renowned as the “blue lips” month due to unexpected active response of students from Jordan, Italy, Sudan, Estonia and Poland who organized bunch of local public events to lever the public awareness of oral cancers aiming to get more of them early diagnosed. A social media contest was conducted between the participating organization to decide the “Best Mouthaware” of 2016 and the title went to Polish Association of Dental Students.
“For several years our association and our members have been an important part in World Oral Health Day. This huge global campaign together with FDI is centered on raising public awareness about oral health and disease prevention. WOHD is a very noteworthy project that will always be a priority for the prophylaxis committee but definitely we have to look into the future as well. Adding MCAM to our list of events and campaigns was the first step.” IADS Magazine, February 2017 – report by Ave Pold.

TURK-DENTSIC, Turkey – Winner of MCAM 2017

The following edition of MCAM in 2017 wasn’t less exciting and missionary by the help of newly appointed prophylaxis committee, as more new countries and regions joined the global workforce of this cause like Malaysia from Asia Pacific, Tunisia from Africa and Israel and France from Europe. This edition was also characterized by having a new peer-reviewed contest category for the best performance of MCAM campaigns.
“We hope to add a new prospective for the locally conducted MCAM campaigns by thoroughly reviewing the submitted reports of our member organizations in order to give them helpful and reasonable feedback about their work which -we believe- is highly deemed to improve future performance.” said Khalida Badawi – Prophylaxis Chairwoman 2017/18
Turkish Dental Students Association (TURK-DENTSIC) won the first place of the social media contest and named as MOUTHAWARE 2017, while Tunisian Association of Dental Students (TADS) came in the first place as the best performance of conducted MCAM activities.

YearFirst Place (Winner)Second PlaceThird Place
2019Tunisian Association of Dental Students 🇹🇳UM6SS Smile Creators Association (USCA) 🇲🇦Polish Association of Dental Students (PTTS) 🇵🇱 & Italian Association of Dental Students (AISO) 🇮🇹
2018Polish Association of Dental Students (PTTS) 🇵🇱Tunisian Association of Dental Students 🇹🇳Jordanian Association of dental students (JADS) 🇯🇴
2017TDB Öğrenci Kolu’nun - TURK DENTSIC 🇹🇷Tunisian Association of Dental Students 🇹🇳
2016Polskie Towarzystwo Studentów Stomatologii 🇵🇱Sudanese Association of Dental Students 🇸🇩


Mouth Cancer Action Month – #MCAM18

November 2018