Peter Swiss Excellence (PSE) is the most prestigious and honorary award that is given to IADS members with remarkable effective contributions to the worldwide dental students community. Awardees are honored during the closing ceremony of annual congress upon an invitation of the Executive Committee.
Nominees assessment is regulated by the Executive Committee according objective criteria aiming to present new role models to the dental students worldwide. A direct voting is carried out to name the PSE awardee. It’s not necessarily given each year because it conditionally depends on significance of submitted contributions of potential nominees.

Esti, Petra and Cosmin – the first winners of Peter Swiss Excellence

In August 2012, three students from Indonesia, Czech Republic and Romania were honored to receive a brand new prize named after the legendary IADS officer, Dr. Peter Swiss. It was according to the nominations and voting of Executive Committee 2011/12, that these three students were worthy the new award due to significance of their contributions to the worldwide dental student community.
Dr. Peter B F Swiss is renowned as the most contributor to IADS throughout history. After his service as IADS Treasurer, he was appointed to be the FDI/IADS Liaison Officer in Paris Congress 1967. For 15 years, he chaired the general assemblies and assisted the association in every possible way. Thanks to his historic speech at opening ceremony of the 24th IADS Annual Congress in Malta 1977, we know the story of IADS establishment and we are aware of the formative stage during the early years following 1951.

Dr. Peter Swiss, LinkedIn

“I cannot close with saluting Dr. Peter Swiss. He was a guiding light during my days in IADS. His dedication and perseverance kept the organization alive in difficult moments. He remained a “father figure” for quite a few years too. It gave me great pleasure to notice the recent IADS ‘Peter Swiss’ Excellence Award. I congratulate the recipients. They should be really proud, especially Peter is to my mind the most important personality in IADS history.” said Dr. Mark Vella Bardon – IADS Information Officer 1971/72
Since its introduction in 2012, seven students -in total- were awarded Peter Swiss Excellence (PSE) for outstanding contributions (last update August 2018). As significance factor plays a great role in nomination of awardees, the PSE is not necessarily given each year. Varying from organizing dental summer schools to organizing IADS annual congress, the contributions of PSE awardees are centered to present an inspirational role model for younger generations of students globally. 

Abeer AL-HAMDAN 🇯🇴

Regional Exchange Officer of Middle East

Mohamed FAYED 🇪🇬

Graphic Coordinator of Editorial Board

Greta KERŠYTĖ 🇱🇹

First Liaison Officer of the Editorial Board

Mustafa HACILAR 

First Regional Exchange Officer of Middle East

Abanob YOSRY 🇪🇬

Join the congress crowd from home via Live-Streaming

Underlying motivation to broadcast the General Assembly and basic events of the IADS meetings was to enable wider circles of students around the world to acquire the IADS experience distantly and to get motivated to travel to the upcoming ones. Live updates of General Assembly resolutions also made scattered groups of students to feel dynamically engaged with the mother organization that works always to bridge the gaps between them.


Chairman of Prophylaxis Committee


Chairman of the 60th IADS MYM Tunisia 2014

Adham Elshourbagy 🇪🇬

Chairman of Training Committee


The Healthy Tooth in the Healthy World

Students (dressed in white cloaks) are spreading the city. They have informative desks placed at the main spots of the city (main city square, main boulevards etc.). They are addressing the passers-by with offering a short demonstration of accurate brushing techniques and tooth care. Those who accept this offer are instructed by students how to perform oral hygiene appropriately. The instructions are provided on plastic models of oral cavity but people are also offered the brushing techniques to be shown and explained right on them. Those who would accept such on offer would be awarded by small presents – dental tools (tooth brush, tooth paste etc.).


International Dental Summer School

International Dental Summer School is a captivating Summer school organized by Dental School of Muhammadiyah University of Yogyakarta Indonesia. The program is combining academic and clinical activity .The aims of IDSS are to broaden students’ knowledge in Dental Health care in Indonesia and to let International students gain practical experience in Dentistry that as we know, in developing country everyone will witness the impact of poverty on dental health that in conclusion the quantity and quality of dental morbidity is way higher than we find in western country. IDSS also allows participants to perform subjective and objective examination, diagnose and treatment in modified Problem Based Learning system.

Cosmin POPA 🇷🇴

Organizing couple of IADS Annual Meetings

He has participated in the core organizing teams of the IADS Annual Meetings in 2009 and 2012, and he is remembered for the active participation in the IADS General Assemblies of the recent years.