Photography Contest is a peer-reviewed artistic competition that takes place each February. Its scope is to synthesize a competitive environment for students to show their photography skills with global colleagues from different educational backgrounds in order to enhance their self-esteem.
Admission requirements, jury appointment and awards regulations are set by the Editorial Board. Participation right is granted to all IADS members worldwide.

1st International Dental Student Photo Contest

“From the very beginning we, Editorial Board, had the vision to create the event that could gather all talented dental students to show their skills in the competition. For this reason, in 2018 February for the very first time we organized International Dental Student Photo Contest. We have worked hard on selecting the judges who are experts in dental photography, held meetings online for strategy of the project promotion and create the fair regulation as well as find company sponsor. Forty two (42) dental students from all over the world submitted their photos and at the end we came up with two (2) winners:
Salem Shurrab from Palestine, selected by Jury Committee
Ayah Sayed from Egypt, selected by public voting (Facebook Polling)
Editorial Board wants to say a very big thank you for judges who contributed to this contest and helped us to select the winner. The judges;

Dr. Arthur H. L. Partiyan
Luis G. Quintero
Malek Ghorbel
Abanob Yosry
Dr. Montri ChantaramungkornIADS Magazine, May 2018, report by Greta Kersyte and Pongkarn Kanjanawattana

ContestDateJury NominationPublic Nomination
1stFebruary 2018Salem Shurrab 🇵🇸Ayah Sayed 🇪🇬


2nd International Dental Student Photography Contest

February 2019